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Timelapse Videos: Capturing Time Sliding Through

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Greetings!  I’m Mike.  

Photography pulls me out of my (often manic) head so that I can deviate from predictable perspectives that frame my thinking, and therefore frame my experience.  I can use a camera to re-frame the familiar spaces that surround me, that once seemed so trite or empty.

Photos expose these very thin slices of time, carved out of our world with curved glass.  Photography changes how I interact with this bubbling reality . . . a reality that’s teeming with ominous unknowns, flashes of deep dread, and abundant awe—all tangled up and held together by connections unseen without the lens.

Bob Ross knew: “Beauty is everywhere.”


Click on my photobooks to preview or purchase a collection of photographic narratives, poems told with images, stories told without words, and words that personify images!

Plus buying a photobook helps feed a starving artist who would rather play with photos than eat or sleep! 🙂

Mike Yost
©  [ hidden void photography ]

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© [ hidden void photography ] by Mike Yost

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