by Mike Yost

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Floating on the Surface of Light

© Mike Yost


Liquid Magnification

© Mike Yost

Electric Waves

This is definitely one of my favorite shots. I was lucky, too, as the conditions were perfect to reveal this mesmerizing dance of water and light.

© Mike Yost


Cerulean Tranquility

© Mike Yost

Sculpting with Water and Light

© Mike Yost

Painting with Light

© Mike Yost

Water Waltz

Photograph copyright Mike Yost 2017

The Mind is a Mirror

Reality whirls with images

Dancing shadows of sound and color

Shaping the illusion of separations

Like shattered glass

Carving out concepts

Flung upon the mirror’s surface

Reflecting back on the self

Veiling its true nature

Photographs and Word Scribbles copyright Mike Yost 2017


For a profoundly brief moment
I escape the void
Flinging myself off timeless rocks
Arcing through the air
Water without restraint
A tumultuous trip
For such a profoundly brief moment
Before I fall back into oblivion
Memories that define my consciousness, my very being
Absorbed into the river
That flows without end

Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2017


Wrinkles in the Mirror


He loved
Only once
With kisses plentiful
Planted along lover’s cheek

He fell
Only once
With ripples abundant
Perishing along the shoreline

He cradled
Every hour
With moments infinite
Wrinkles rolling along this cold, mirrored surface

Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016