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What if This is the Dream?

And tomorrow is the dream,
and the day after that,
day after day,
until you’re 73
and you fall onto the tracks
and as the train severs your head
you wake up with a terrific shock out of your own bed
covered in sweat,
heart racing,
the whirling memories of 73 years dreamt in a single night
quickly fading away with each passing second
you slow your breathing
you close your eyes
“What the hell was that?” you ask yourself
“Who was I?” you ask yourself
there is no response of course
just a few birds chirping outside the window lit by the rising sun
and you wonder if you’ve truly woken up
and you shake your head
and you tell yourself no more mushroom sandwiches before bed
and you stumble into the kitchen
turning on the coffee pot.

© Mike Yost