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Alone in the Company of Ice and Rock


Alone in the company of ice and rock
Walking among mute and ancient companions
Elements that have roamed the Earth before life itself
Long before weary men left their footprints in the snow
Long before frantic men created the gods who then created the elements

Walking deeper into the cold shadow of the mountain’s crooked peak
A fragile tranquility settles beneath frozen feet
As the distant boom of ice cracking and falling and shattering against cliffs shakes the sky

This is a delicate peace, unearthed and solidified in frigid solitude
Far away from the ceaseless posturing of frenzied egos
Far away from compassion and empathy left inert and powerless
Far away from men made mad by other mad men

The feet turn numb and black as the cold chews away at once-pink flesh
The feet turn north to be enveloped by this profound and lonely serenity
To be slowly embraced by these ancient and steadfast companions
To be forever alone in the company of ice and rock

Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016

Strange Terrain

Stop,” I hear, though no one is around.   The soles of my shoes scrape lightly against the asphalt as I turn my head, looking up and down the alley. It’s full of parked cars, but empty of people.

Just stop,” the voice says gently. I lock my legs in place, tilting my head sideways. “Stop and look around you.

“It’s just an alley,” I reply to no one in particular, surprisingly comfortable with the fact that I’m talking out loud to myself in an empty alley.

Look down,” the voice says.

I glance at the tops of my shoes, white and orange with threadbare shoelaces running loosely through the holes. “Yep,” I say to myself. “Those are my shoes. Bought them years ago at a skate shop, even though I don’t skate.”

Next to your shoes,” the voice replies patiently. “Look.

I sigh, pulling my gaze from my shoes.  It’s then that I see it. “Whoa.”


Strange Terrain_1

I get down on one knee and carefully examine the ice, the water still frozen in the tall shadow of an apartment building selfishly absorbing all the sunlight.   “It looks like the surface of some exoplanet.”

Strange Terrain_2

An entire alien world waiting patiently to be explored,” the voice replies.  “Sitting silently next to a pair of shoes you bought at a skate shop, even though you don’t skate.

Strange Terrain_3

“And I would have walked right by without noticing.”

You’re welcome,” the voice says.

“Who are you?” I ask, leaning in closer, now traveling through deep canyons, climbing towering mountains, and exploring rugged landscapes made entirely of ice.

Stop asking silly questions,” the voice replies.  “Just look.


Photographs and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016