by Mike Yost

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Echoes of the Mine

© Mike Yost


Derelict Abode

© Mike Yost


No Vacancy (Unless You’re a Bat)




© Mike Yost


Abandon All Hope . . .

© Mike Yost


Razed by Time

© Mike Yost


I shot this photo with an old Nikon pocket camera after slinking into an abandoned building in New York.

When the camera went click, I wondered:

Who stood where I was standing? What kind of work did they do?  What was the dresser for?

Silence was the only reply.

I stopped my breathing and tried to hear the past.

Conversations only the decaying ceiling remembers.

Locked behind us all in memories forgotten.

Reminding us all that the future is just a vision.

And all that is true reality is the now.

I smiled at how to capture such a precious thing,

Just as the camera went click.


Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2017

A Glimpse of Green


A glimpse of green is all I can see
From behind this wasting wall
Erected by solitude and razed with laughter
I’m trapped beneath the mute judgment of decaying brick
Each stone laid hurriedly by coarse hands that shake in the cold
With blistered fingers that crack and bleed and long to brush that smile again . . .

Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016


Plank Perspective

Photograph copyright Mike Yost 2016

Derelict Dreams

I took these photos inside several abandoned homes, and I was fascinated by the messages and artwork throughout the houses.

Echoes of the past.

Words that perhaps outlived their own scribes.

I experimented a little in post-production to reflect the decay I felt and experienced just walking through those deserted rooms.

Walls that once cradled happy (or not-so-happy) memories now housing empty spaces—spaces that followed me weeks after the shoot.

Tolland - get out of my house

Tolland - I hate the future

Tolland - Forever yours

Tolland - do not open!

Photographs copyright Mike Yost 2015

Silent Spaces

Tolland Abandoned Home - living room


Tolland Back of Abandoned Home

I took these at some abandoned houses in the Colorado Mountains.  There’s something fascinating to me about derelict buildings, these silent spaces where maybe children once giggled at the dinner table over a plate of uneaten carrots,  where perhaps a father or a mother wept alone in the shower over the loss of their own parents, where entire families once slept soundly beneath a vast canopy of timeless stars.

These silent spaces now an echo of lives lived, their home slowly retreating into the Earth.

Photographs copyright Mike Yost 2015