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Serrated Sky

I walked past a homeless man, a derelict human being with deep lines cut into his forehead as he slept on a fractured sidewalk beneath a blue, threadbare tarp that snapped sharply in the breeze.

I quickened my pace, shuffling between the broad shoulders of two abandoned buildings looming over me, their skin of cracked brick and broken glass an echo of possibilities negated and forgotten.

I glanced upward.

Serrated Sky

There they were.

There they had been.

Hovering high above me as silent witnesses to the muted madness far below.

Photograph and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016

Wings of Spontaneity

It was all so spontaneous.


Violating the sacred boundaries of my comfort zone.

I finished up some work on the computer and snapped my laptop shut.

I threw on my leather jacket to keep warm, laced up my Gore-Tex boots to keep my feet dry, and wandered out of my apartment into the frigid embrace of the brisk night, my camera swinging gently from my neck.

Street_Night - Peace

My boots hit the sidewalk without direction or purpose as I began searching for whatever it was I was looking for.

Street_Night - Light Reflected




Street_Night - Wall Art

I quickly discovered the city had been waiting patiently for me, slowly revealing its secrets with each shot as I meandered my way through the scurry of passing cars, couples with interlocked gloved hands, a drunk stumbling while singing some forgotten, archaic tune.

Street_Night - Pete's

And every time I raised my camera to my eye and heard the shutter go “click,” I thought to myself how lucky I was to be dragged out of my place by the swift wings of spontaneity.

Street_Night - Circle of Light


Photographs and Prose copyright Mike Yost 2016