Derelict Dreams

I took these photos inside several abandoned homes, and I was fascinated by the messages and artwork throughout the houses.

Echoes of the past.

Words that perhaps outlived their own scribes.

I experimented a little in post-production to reflect the decay I felt and experienced just walking through those deserted rooms.

Walls that once cradled happy (or not-so-happy) memories now housing empty spaces—spaces that followed me weeks after the shoot.

Tolland - get out of my house

Tolland - I hate the future

Tolland - Forever yours

Tolland - do not open!

Photographs copyright Mike Yost 2015

Cultivating Illumination

Greetings fellow humans!

I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights.  (And there’s a slight color of irony here, as I usually take black & white photos.)

DBG - Xmas1

So, I wanted to share my jaunt through the Denver Botanic Gardens.

DBG - Xmas2

They set up some incredible light displays every year, lights that never fail to kindle the kid in me.

DBG - Xmas3

If you live in the Denver area, take a night out of your busy schedule and check it out.

DBG - Xmas4

These displays even managed to fascinate and elate a cold-blooded heathen like myself!

DBG - Xmas5

With that said:  Merry Christmas, Good Yule, Merry Mythmass, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, and happy whatever else you believe in or don’t believe in.

Let’s just all agree that these lights are freaking awesome!

Photographs copyright Mike Yost 2015