Empty chairs Six seconds Wandering under Neon Photographs copyright Mike Yost 2017

Rivers beneath the Sky

Rivers beneath the sky Spill over the cloudy banks Crashing into formless rocks Splashing into space itself Into that vast void Flows time into timelessness Only the now exists Light streaming simultaneous Hidden throughout The undercurrent swells Rising out of blackness Breaking through the surface to breathe Reflecting off cloudy banks Reflecting off the eye…


“But my dear man, reality is only a Rorschach ink-blot, you know.” —Alan Watts Photograph copyright Mike Yost 2017

Black Box

And this powerful mind Framed within a black box of our own creation Reflecting only upon all that exists outside a glass canopy Never turning that attention inward Behind the glass Behind the engine of consciousness To dwell on the absurdity of a thought A memory without weight Pulling ideas through time To be aware…


“All this pain is an illusion,” Maynard sings I slam my head back and forth Desperately hammering those words into my skull As pain sinks its sharp teeth deeper into my chest It’s all a lie I hear Even the truth is a lie No way to really know We float helplessly in nothingness Embracing…