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Mike Yost (Photographer/Writer)

I have a passion for words and photography (and craft beer . . . and weed). Just trying to be creative and experience the creativity of others before I'm kicked off this lonely planet. Death may nullify my body and brain, but (hopefully) not my art. I've been capturing snapshots of time and writing out the thoughts of fictional characters in my head since I was a kid. Maybe even younger! Not sure. It's hard to remember that far back. (I blame the weed.) I had the opportunity to pen a novel for grad school. Five characters. One narrative. Existential dread! You can purchase my first book, Remnants of Light, on Amazon here: It's available in paperback if you want to be retro and ebook if you want to be modern. Personally I think there should be a stone tablet option.

Color Collision

Wandering through my photos from wandering around Japan, this shot caught my eye and pulled it out of my skull.

I took this picture inside the TeamLab Borderless Interactive Light Museum in Tokyo. I returned to this room multiple times, floating in a vast ocean of light and shadow that churned to music pouring over my ears from hidden speakers.

I was happily carried away in this current of color, treading just above the surface as my feet kicked my own reflection, a doppelganger trapped beneath the mirrored floor.

© Mike Yost