1. You’ve some great images on your site and I’ve enjoyed browsing. Thanks for sharing and I’ve clicked the ‘follow’ button.
    I was initially a little overwhelmed by the WordPress theme you’ve chosen to use on your site. I realise with any given WordPress theme there are degrees of compromise in what they offer. To be critical in a constructive way (I hope) I think it swallows up your images. I realise we all have an individual take on how we wish to present our work so obviously I respect what you are doing. However I just think your images might be given more life and benefit from a simpler theme with a plain light or dark backdrop. It might even be possible to stick with the same theme without a picture backdrop?
    As a photographer myself I thought you might appreciate some honest feedback but obviously do what you wish with my comments. Even delete them and I’ll take no offence just as I hope you will take no offence from what I’ve written.
    Sending best wishes 🙂
    Postcard Cafe

      1. Cheers.
        I’m pleased my feedback didn’t come across as a busy body trying to mind someone else’s business! I genuinely enjoy your photographs and shall look forward to following your work.
        I too change themes on WordPress although this usually happens only every couple of years! I’ve only just changed to my current theme on Postcard Cafe and am pleased with how it looks although it’s not obvious which posts have more than one image. None of the free themes are perfect but I’ll run with this one for a while.
        Have fun.
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

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